Seriously, why Agile?

We have been developing software for decades and we have witnessed more software projects fail than succeed. And, most software projects are considered as failed, either because a project does not meet a customer requirement or an agreed project timeline gets missed. We always run into a problem of too many features being promised to […]

The Real Agile Transformation Journey

Agile has gone mainstream in large and small organizations. Organizations have started implementing agile not only in IT, but also in business divisions such as finance, marketing, HR, and more. There are many organizations trying to gain the promised benefit of Agile and every organization has chosen their journey of Agile transformation differently which has […]

My ideal self organizing team and Me

I was talking to my colleague about painting a picture of an ideal self-organized team so that we can share with our teams. We had to appreciate that for many, this was their first experience with self-organization and that this was a whole new world for them. I was trying to find better way to express the […]