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About Us

Breakdown Epic/Features to user stories with acceptance criteria in mere minutes with our Al Powered solution leveraging ChatGPT.

Welcome to POPal, the innovative product developed by Agilemove, a company established in 2015 that specializes in providing Agile Transformation services to a wide range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. In addition, we have recently expanded our services to include digital transformation technology solutions as well.

POPal is the brainchild of our highly experienced senior leaders, who possess more than 15 years of experience in Agile and over 10 years of agile coaching experience. Through our years of experience in the Agile community, we have identified a common challenge that product owners and project managers who take on the role of product owners often face – struggling to manage time to writing user stories in addition to their roles collaborating with Stakeholders and team. As a result, we created POPal with the intention of assisting product owner role and making their work more efficient and effective.

At Agilemove, our passion and purpose are to help the Agile community, and we believe that POPal is a valuable solution that can help streamline the work of product owners and ultimately, improve their ability to deliver value to their customers. We invite you to give POPal a try and experience its benefits firsthand. 

Save Hours

Save valuable time By eliminating the need to write user story from scratch.

No Boring Tasks

Eliminate the tedious task of writing user stories from your to-do list.

No Last Min Rush

Say good-bye to last-minute stress when preparing for backlog refinement session.

No More Struggle

New to the product owner role? No more struggle with formatting user stories and acceptance criteria. 

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